You will have received multiple emails from us about the new updated report look since we announced the change 7 months ago, but we wanted to take the opportunity to send a final reminder that from the 30th July at 6pm, all TTI Success Insights reports will be upgraded to include a new style of graphics. All reports will automatically feature the new look, without any required intervention from you and you do not need to take any action. If you have IDS access then all reports both new and old will be updated to the new look in your account

If you have a programme starting after the 30th, and some of your respondents have been completing the assessments on the run up to this date, you may have some reports with different looks. If this is the case, we can regenerate reports for you to the new look to ensure consistency across your programmes. If your programme starts after the 30th but your respondents have been given a deadline of the 29th and you have downloaded all reports ahead of this date then this update wont affect you until your next programme. Please contact us if you need any help with ensuring reports are all consistent for your groups. If you have access to IDS, you can just re-download the reports from IDS ahead of your programme. If respondents receive reports immediately upon completion then we would advise re-sending the reports to respondents prior to the programme starting. We chose Friday 30th at 6pm for the move to give all of our clients sufficient time to prepare in the event that a programme is starting on the Monday or Tuesday following the change.

The reports will include the new horizontal graph reports as well as the vertical graphs as standard, but if you have access to IDS accounts then you can turn this horizontal graph option OFF if required. If you do not have access to IDS and would like the horizontal graphs turning off, please let us know and we will action this for you.

We have added a new module to the learning site, so if you became accredited via the E-Learn, you can log back into your learning account now to watch the additional module. There are also multiple updates in the Diamond Portal about the change, and a video walk through of the new horizontal graphs and graphics.

For new sample reports, please log on to the Diamond Portal and follow the links to the sample reports pages (Home>Resources>Products/Tools>DISCBehaviours>Report Examples). There you will see the current/old version and underneath the same version, but with the text ‘NEW – From July 30th 2021’.

If you access different languages for reports, please be aware that countries in the TTI Success Insights network are moving to the new graphics at different times and this may mean that different language options impact the style of report you see.

You can log in to the Diamond Portal to view all of the changes, or if you would like to discuss the graphics changes with a member of our team, please book a call using the boxes below.