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Please take a look at the updates and news section below to familiarise yourself with the latest developments from TTI Success Insights. The Updates and News section is constantly changing, in line with our rapid growth and development in the market. 

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Updates and News

Exclusive Invitation To Free Online Event With Dr. Ron Bonnstetter ‘Know Thyself: The Power of Self Awareness’

As an Accredited Practitioner of TTI Success Insights in the UK, you will know all about the fascinating way in which our assessment questionnaires are validated using EEG brain images, specifically pre-frontal cortex gamma asymmetry. You’ll have also probably had a good look around TTI SI’s research site: research.ttisi.com and be familiar with Ron Bonnstetter,

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Hartman Value Profile Updates

To modernize the Hartman Value Profile, two sensitive survey statements will be updated to better reflect current events. If you are using the Hartman Value Profile, please reach out to sarah@ttisuccessinsights.co.uk or call 01782 855700 to learn more about these two updates.

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Final Reminder New Look Report 30th July 2021

You will have received multiple emails from us about the new updated report look since we announced the change 7 months ago, but we wanted to take the opportunity to send a final reminder that from the 30th July at 6pm, all TTI Success Insights reports will be upgraded to include a new style of

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The New Reliability Study for 2021 Is Here!

In the field of psychometrics, the concept of reliability is used as a measure of consistency. To be more specific, reliability is defined as the repeatability or consistency of a measure. A measure is considered reliable if approximately the same results are obtained over time or across some other category, assuming the measure itself has

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